Resume Builder

Exquisite Resume Recruiters Look for.

Professional out-of-the-box resumes instantly and effortlessly crafted using the most advanced technology available. Students get to choose from tailor-built & approved templates to highlight their capabilities - without much a-do.

Virtual Campus Hiring

End-to-End Digital Hiring.

Our unique platform provides the entire gamut of on campus recruitment, while doing away with the hassles of multiple campus visits, physical assessments and more. From interacting to screening and assessing to hiring - all of done seamlessly and virtually.

Placements & Internships

Hands-On Experience & Gainful Insights.

There’s a variety of benefits that students can gain with MyOS to land at the job they dream of. They can choose for internships options, refine skills, make industry contacts and gain valuable work experience - making their transition into the dream job effortless.


Limitless Access to Treasure Trove of Knowledge.

Students get to learn from industry experts from different cities, stay fully updated, and upskill knowledge through various events and workshops. They get to dive deep into information to steer their life in right direction - from the comfort of any location.

Talent Assessments

Better Skills, Better Opportunities.

Our skill assessments are specifically beneficial in helping students identify their strengths, as well as areas of weakness. This way they discover new career opportunities, improvise on their skills and explore careers in line with their talents and goals.


Identify & Nurture Skills to Reach Highest Potential.

With MyOS, students get to learn new and unfamiliar subjects effectively and benefit from all the opportunities that come their way. Whether they want to take the first step towards improvement or explore exhilarating opportunities - we help them find Success.

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