Why MyOS


Connect with Reputed Companies

Most recruiters and companies have a fixed pattern. They are on a time crunch and have a preference of the colleges they visit, leaving other colleges and their students with limited opportunities. At MyOS, we drive virtual career fairs, invite some of the big companies on board and ensure no deserving student is left behind - due to mere geographical reasons.

Easy Co-ordination

For campus placement to be a success, there needs to ensure a seamless flow of necessary information to the students. With MyOS, our automated processes help to channelize all activities and provide smooth flow of information about the hiring processes to students, ensuring they stay updated and never miss an opportunity.

Get Students Prepared

From training them to developing eye-catching resumes to helping them present better before the hiring team, we take in upon us to increase the employability chances of the students. Be it access to knowledge or getting prepared both theoretically or mentally, and finally helping them landing at the job - we ease out the entire process.


Never Miss Out on a Good Fit

Using MyOS can allow you to reach a wider array of potential candidates and connect with them from practically anywhere. Moreso, we automate the mundane recruitment process allowing you to focus on what really matters - hire fine talent.

Cut on Recruitment Time

We understand that getting the best talent into your organisation as quickly as possible is your key priority. Tasks like sourcing candidates, scheduling interviews, screening applicants and even conducting background checks are streamlined by MyOS - leaving you with better results in recruitment efforts.

Digitized Processes

Say goodbye bundles of on-boarding paperwork, stacks of resumes, job applications, job descriptions and job ads. We keep your dream of a paper-free office alive by digitizing the entire recruitment process. In fact, using our cloud-based system can also help improve the audit trail and track or monitor applicants easily.


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